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"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
2 Chronicles 7:14

“I will restore David’s fallen shelter—
    I will repair its broken walls
    and restore its ruins—
    and will rebuild it as it used to be."
Amos 9:11

David's Tabernacle West Texas

David's Tabernacle West Texas is a 'worship fest' unto Jesus, the Son of David. On September 11th, 2022 at the Horseshoe Arena (Pavilion S from 1pm to 5pm) followers of Jesus from all over the West Texas region, will come to celebrate the Lord in song. By seeking Him, in prayerful praise, we are inviting His Lordship to move upon, heal, and impact the land of West Texas

No Preaching, No Teaching, Only Live Praise Music

Many Christian fellowships in West Texas already feed God's flock with great scriptural teaching every week. David's Tabernacle West Texas will not be sharing any preaching or teaching from the stage. We are hosting praise teams that our Lord is raising up to have influence on the Body of Christ at large. 

Come and go as preferred

Whether you would like to attend 20 minutes or for 2 hours, you can come & go as you need. The important thing is that you offer a prayer & praise to join in our cry for the Lord to come & heal our land. There will be room on the main floor to stand & celebrate the Lord in song as well as, plenty of seating for those who prefer to celebrate the Lord, while seated.

Special Guests

 Inner Court

 Kingdom Culture

 More to be

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September 11, 2022
Midland, TX

‘After these things I will return to you
and raise up the tabernacle of David
that has fallen into ruin.
I will restore and rebuild what David experienced
so that all of humanity will be able to encounter the Lord
including the gentiles whom I have called
to be my very own,’ says the Lord. 
Acts 15:16-17


Who is holding this event?
David's Tabernacle West Texas is a group of friends who follow Jesus and attend various fellowships in the West Texas area. We are a nameless and faceless group who desire to host an annual gathering for the Body of Christ in West Texas, to celebrate Jesus (the son of David) in song (under the same roof), for a handful of hours.  Our email address is if you have any questions or would like to partner with us in this endeavor.  
Is there a cost to attend?
No, there is no cost to come and worship The Lord Jesus!  Come and go as you please, we only ask that you bring your praises!

What should I expect from attending this event?
By attending David's Tabernacle West Texas, you are taking part in healing our land.  His Word says that if we humble ourselves, pray, and seek His face, that He will hear our cries and heal our land.  This is exactly why we are holding the first annual worship event to offer our praises to The Lord and see healing across this land that we all love so dearly.  You can expect uninterrupted worship and an atmosphere set to usher in the presence of the King!

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